Balance Program

Balance Program

The balance program is designed for individuals with difficulty maintaining a stable and upright positions when standing, walking, and even sitting. The physical therapist will perform an assessment to develop an individualized program to improve your strength, stability, and mobility.


  • Reduce Fall Risk

  • Reduce Fear of Falling

  • Improve Mobility & Movement

  • Improve Balance

  • Improve Strength & Endurance

  • Improve Flexibility & Posture

  • Increase Activity Levels

Who Can Benefit:

1. Do you have a history of falling recently or have fallen at least twice for the last 3mos?

2. Do you avoid moving because of fear of falling?

3. Do you want to prevent falls and avoid injuries?

4. Do you avoid standing or walking for long periods because of feeling tired or short of breath?

5. Do you notice that you are having difficulty spending a quality time with the family gatherings or vacation?

6. Do you notice that you are having difficulty spending a quality time with the grand kids?

7. Do you want to stay active and want to work maintain or improve your strength and balance?

Program Description

Your physical therapist will evaluate your balance and walking to determine potential problems with strength and posture. Functional movement assessment to balance tests will be part of your assessment. An individualized treatment plan will be based on the evaluation. And a customized home exercise program will be given to you that you can safely do on your own time aside from the exercises that you will be working with your therapist during your follow up visits.