Running evaluation

 The running evaluation is designed to educate the runner about muscle, joint or biomechanical issues which may affect their performance and possibly lead to repetitive strain and injury. The physical therapist will perform the assessment of the running gait analysis, muscular imbalance, and flexibility issues.



  • Identify biomechanical issues which may affect performance and cause of injury.
  • Educate the runner on specific customized exercises or changes needed in biomechanics.

Who can benefit?

  • Runners who currently have pain and are continuing to run.
  • Runners who find that they are prone to injury or have recurrent injuries.
  •  Runners who find that they develop problems during heavy training.
  • Runners who are pain-free but are looking to prevent injury and maximize performance.

Program description

Running evaluation includes:
  •  Running Video Analysis: Slow motion analysis of the biomechanics of your running gait cycle. Your physical therapist will observe and analyze your running pattern for altered mechanics or compensatory movement.
  •  Physical Therapy Evaluation: Assessment of muscle strength, flexibility and functional movement patterns as they affect your biomechanics.
  •  Customized Home Exercise Program: You will be given an individualized program based on your needs to improve strength, flexibility or movement.
  •  Shoe Wear Analysis: Your physical therapist will assess your shoes and orthotics. With the number of different types of shoes, your physical therapist will make recommendations on what is the most suitable footwear for your needs.